Google Marketing Live Keynote 2024 Snapshot

Welcome to the 11th installment of Google Marketing Live! This year, we’ve brought an exceptional lineup of innovations, product updates, and exciting opportunities to help businesses around the world leverage the power of AI and maximize their marketing potential. Whether you’re tuning in from Bayview, Dublin, New York, LA, or any of the other 140+ countries joining us, we’re thrilled to have you!

The Evolution of Google Marketing Live

Back in 2013, during our inaugural GML, the shift to mobile was the hot topic. Today, we’re at the most transformative moment yet – the dawn of the AI era. From answering “What is AI?” to “How can AI help my business?” we’ve come a long way. Let’s dive into how AI is reshaping the landscape.

Pioneers in AI Research

Google’s journey with AI started over a decade ago. Our commitment to AI has led to some of the most significant industry breakthroughs. This year, with the launch of Gemini 1.5 Pro models, we’re showcasing native multimodality, long context, and agent capabilities. A great example is Project Astra, our vision for an AI agent that can see, hear, remember, and converse naturally in real-time.

“Our leadership in AI research goes way back. We began investing in AI more than a decade ago, resulting in groundbreaking advancements.” – Philip Schindler

Demonstrating AI Capabilities

Consider the incredible demonstration at GML, where an AI agent accurately identified the event, deciphered maps, and even interacted naturally about various topics. This is just the beginning, and such capabilities are bound to impact Google products profoundly.

AI in the Advertising Ecosystem

Google’s AI research is not just about innovations; it aims to help businesses thrive. From increasing productivity to maximizing profitability, AI’s role is instrumental.

Infrastructure for the AI Era

Google prides itself on having the best infrastructure for AI. Our systems are high-performing, secure, reliable, and have achieved unprecedented efficiency improvements.

Massive Impact of AI Integration

With 15 products exceeding 500 million users and six products with over 2 billion users, the integration of AI into these platforms is a game changer. This extensive reach allows us to optimize user experiences and create new opportunities for our advertising partners.

Responsible AI Development

Google is committed to ensuring the ethical advancement of AI. Our efforts include collaborating with regulators, policymakers, and civil society to chart a responsible path forward.

Building for Success

Google focuses on starting every innovation with the user in mind. Our search engine, deeply rooted in AI, has continuously evolved, adapting to meet users’ insatiable curiosity and providing precisely what they need.

“Human curiosity is limitless. Every day, we see billions of searches, with 15% being completely new.” – Philip Schindler

Trends Shaping Search

Three significant trends exemplify how AI is improving search capabilities:

1. The “Exactly What I Want” Search

With the rise of AI, searches have become more precise. Longer, complex searches are growing faster than shorter queries. This added context helps match user intent more accurately, driving more qualified and engaged audiences.

2. Simplifying Complex Searches

AI enables handling multifaceted queries effortlessly. For instance, planning a day out in Dallas with kids and finding nearby ice cream shops used to take multiple searches. Now, it’s streamlined into one intelligent, organized response.

3. Search Beyond Words

AI empowers searches that go beyond typed queries. Visual and even video searches are becoming more prominent, enhancing user experience and paving new ways for discovering products.

Enhancing YouTube and Visual Storytelling

YouTube remains a crucial platform for visual storytelling. From long-form content to Shorts, creators connect with billions of viewers daily. AI is enabling more dynamic ad experiences and better engagement across YouTube’s diverse formats.

Demandgen and Visual Storytelling

Demandgen campaigns, introduced last year, create new demand by driving conversions on YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. Upcoming improvements will roll it out to display and search ads on 360.

Engaging with Shorts

YouTube Shorts, with over 70 billion daily views, are vital for engaging audiences with interactive elements like stickers and likeable ads. These innovations are tailored to drive more action and deeper engagement.

Partnership Ads with Creators

Partnering with creators enhances authenticity. Partnership ads, powered by BrandConnect, allow promoting videos made by creators directly as ads, benefiting from the creators’ follower trust.

Evolving Shopping Experiences

Google is also revolutionizing shopping experiences on its platforms. From dynamic visuals to interactive ads, AI is making online shopping more immersive.

Product Studio and Innovation

Google’s Product Studio enables businesses to create custom product scenarios, remove unwanted backgrounds, and enhance image resolutions with ease. New tools are set to bring products to life through aligned, branded visuals and eye-catching videos.

Enhanced Shopping Ads

Shopping ads will soon feature attributes directly from reviews and descriptions, making them more informative and engaging. 3D shopping ad formats and virtual try-on capabilities add a layer of interactivity, allowing users to feel more confident in their purchases.

Leveraging First-Party Data

Data plays a crucial role in driving AI success. Google Ads Data Manager simplifies the process of integrating first-party data from multiple sources into one streamlined setup, allowing for better measurement and optimization.

Protecting Data

Google ensures robust protection of customer data with advanced security measures and technologies. Trusted execution environments are now incorporated into Google Ads, enhancing data security and transparency.

Using Data Effectively

Effective data use starts with comprehensive measurement. New tools in Google Ads provide proactive recommendations and insights, helping marketers make informed decisions and improve performance.

Modernizing Measurement Models

As marketing mix models (MMM) make a comeback, Google is modernizing them to better account for digital channels. This aims to derive more accurate and actionable insights for marketers.

Getting Ready for AI

To fully harness the power of AI in marketing, readiness involves a solid foundation of data and high-quality creative inputs. AI can amplify great creative but requires the best starting materials to deliver optimal results.

Case Studies in Effectiveness

Little Sleepies: Used AI voiceover tools to enhance YouTube ads, driving 20% year-on-year revenue growth.

Shopee: Leveraged AI to identify and improve underperforming assets, resulting in a 34% increase in click-through rates.

Taking Action

Adopting an AI-powered approach means shifting from traditional methods of controlling bids and targeting to allowing AI to optimize campaigns. Google’s own marketing team exemplified this with the Pixel phone launch, using AI to generate over 4500 ad variations and achieving remarkable results.

Shifting Mindsets

The successful adoption of AI in marketing requires a shift in mindset. Breaking down silos and aligning teams, budgets, and measurement across all channels is crucial. This integrated approach enhances performance and drives better outcomes.

“Aligning our teams and budgets across all channels has a direct correlation to performance and sales.” – Adidas team

Supporting Tools for AI Integration

To aid in this transformation, Google Ads Essentials provides a handy checklist for businesses to get started with AI. Additionally, the new Accelerate with Google initiative offers resources necessary for thriving in the AI era.


AI is not just a trend; it’s the future of digital marketing. By leveraging Google’s cutting-edge technology, businesses can thrive in this new era. Embrace AI, integrate it into your strategy, and stay ahead of the curve. As Mark Twain said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Thank you for joining us at Google Marketing Live 2024. Together, let’s shape the future of marketing!

“The only wrong move when it comes to AI is making no move at all.”

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Richard Roy
Chief Idea Officer